Almost 9 of 10 universal and term life policies are lapsed or surrendered, many without realizing the hidden cash value they contain.

A Reverse Policy Advisor will answer your questions and ask you a few simple questions about yourself and your policy.

You may have heard about life settlements from a TV, radio, or internet ad and wondered what they were. What a Life Settlement does is give a life insurance policy owner the ability to access the market value of their life insurance policy. Just like you would never sell your home before first putting it on the market to find out what it is worth, policy owners benefit in the same way by pursuing a Life Settlement.

"Americans who sold their unwanted life insurance policies, collectively received more than four times the amount they would have received had they surrendered them to their life insurance companies."

- London Business School Study, 2014

Many people who bought life insurance years ago were told that payments would go down and their policy would gain value. Years later, thanks to low interest rates, they are realizing this isn’t true. Older people, who may be struggling with income or the rising costs of health care, can’t afford to pay their high premiums. As a result, billions of dollars of life insurance is surrendered or lapsed each year because people still don’t know this market exists. A Life Settlement gives people the option to sell their policy and receive a better value.

We will call and send to you in writing a CASH offer

Enjoy your money from cashing in on your Reverse Policy

A Life Settlement will immediately:

  • Eliminate your need to pay any future premiums.
  • Provide immediate cash in one lump sum to the policy holder.
  • Get policyholders a greater cash payout than their insurer would otherwise pay.

All types of life insurance may qualify for a Life Settlement, even term insurance, which is often thought to have no value.

The Life Settlement Industry has provided policy owners with billions of dollars of additional value for their policies. Call to speak to a specialist and find out what your insurance company doesn't want you to know about the actual value of your policy!