1. Qualify

Call (800) 416-6099 to Discuss your policy

By submitting some basic information or calling to speak to a representative, you can find out in minutes whether your policy qualifies for a life settlement.

2. Submit

Consider our Reverse Policy cash offer

Once you have a pre-qualification, you can then fill out a short form. A representative will then submit it to buyers for bids on your policy. This part of the process is 100% free.

3. Accept An Offer

Enjoy Your Money from selling your insurance policy!

If you decide to accept one of the offers from any of the buyers, you will then sign a basic contract and transfer some or all of your policy.

4. Receive Payment

Enjoy Your Money from selling your insurance policy!

Within days of closing on your offer, you will receive a check for the full amount of your settlement. There is no payment plan, you get 100% of what you agreed on!

The entire process can take as few as 4-6 weeks, and in many cases there is no medical review required.
Green Settlements is a marketing company. It is not a life settlement broker or provider. Green Settlements will refer qualified leads to a licensed entity.